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First and foremost, we hope this message finds each of you and your families well.

Second, LCBF is continuing to serve its clients fully, efficiently, and safely during this challenging time.  In light of the applicable governmental directives, the attorneys and paralegals in our New York, Newark, and Philadelphia offices have transitioned to working remotely.  We are fully equipped to work outside of our offices, have electronic access to our files and other pertinent information, and are available to talk to you and participate in virtual meetings.

Please see our link for information on LCBF Temporary Procedures during Statewide Stay at Home Order.

Third, we are adapting to the needs of clients to alter how we work for them during this period, as well as to the executive and administrative orders affecting many important deadlines and procedures.  We have been participating in court conferences, as well as filing papers, remotely.

Finally, Covid-19 has raised specialized issues for many.  Drawing on our past experience with disease outbreaks, albeit of a very different order of magnitude, LCBF has assembled a team of public health and safety experts, who are tracking and analyzing the latest updates. We have also been advising old and new clients on Covid-19 related employment, contract, and insurance issues.

In the event anyone has any questions or needs any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Be safe.