LCBF Temporary Procedures during Statewide Stay at Home Order

Dear Counsellors:

We hope each of you and your families are safe and well.

Due to the health emergency and instructions by state and federal government, our Firm employees continue to work remotely until further notice.  Access to regular mail or express mail delivered to our office will be limited.  Therefore, we cannot accept service of any documents via physical mail at this time. In the event that you have recently mailed any documents to this office, please forward an additional copy electronically or otherwise notify us of the disclosure via email.

Until further notice, all correspondence, pleadings and disclosures from this office will be through via email or secure link, and not by regular or express mail.  Please acknowledge the receipt of the same via email correspondence.  Please send any such files to the appropriate attorney and/or the appropriate office.  For our New York office, send inquiries to and for our New Jersey and Pennsylvania offices, to  Please similarly serve all future correspondence, discovery, motion papers and pleadings electronically and we will timely acknowledge their receipt. 

If you need to exchange large data files with us, such as videos, photographs, or voluminous documents, you may contact us so that we may arrange for a secure link to upload the documents.

If your office has any objection or questions concerning this policy, please let us know promptly.